Frequently Asked Questions

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It will seat 12 adults comfortably inside. Both windows fold down allowing drinks to be served through each window, giving extra counter space outside too.

The Shebeen can be towed to any destination at an additional cost (travelling time). Send us an email telling us where you want us to be and we will give you our best quote.

We do not provide food/beverages however we will connect kegs on site and assist where we can. The supply of the alcohol will be provided by a licensed company which the client pays directly. All rentals with The Shebeen comes with 12 pint glasses,12 half pint glasses and a selection of glasses for wine and spirits, ice bucket, bottle opener, spirit measure, knife and chopping board, bar cloths and towels, a deck of cards and everything else you need to run your bar.

You don’t need a licence to run The Shebeen providing you don’t charge for the drink you serve.

No bar is complete without music! There is a complete music system in The Shebeen, allowing you to play CDs, connect your iPad or iPhone or to simply listen to that match on the radio.

It takes approximately an hour to set up The Shebeen. Once we arrive on site, we park at your designated spot, check that everything is in order before we plug it in and set you up for an event to remember.

The Shebeen needs a power supply to run fridges, coolers, lights and sound system. Ideally the power supply should come from a main power supply like a house, shed or office. If this is a problem, then The Shebeen can be hooked up to a generator.

The Hay Shed and Burren Shebeens are available all over Ireland and the UK.  Indeed, the Burren Shebeen has even traveled to France for a wedding!

Our Connemara Shebeen is available in Massachusetts, USA and it’s also available to travel to neighbouring States.

Our friends at Paddy’s Shebeen are available for events in Austria and Southern Germany.  During the winter season Paddy’s Shebeen is located in Ellmau near the Kirchbichl ski lift.