Top 5 Funny Christmas Beer Commercials

Heineken – Bankers

~One of the greatest ever Christmas adverts was from Heineken in 2002. This was created at the height of the Enron scandal in America. Heineken had this great tongue-in-cheek ad to offer. They really should of re-released this in Ireland a couple of years ago, the Anglo Irish Bank HQ could of been the perfect setting!

Budweiser – Snow Fight

~This advert was first shown on television screens during the Christmas season of 2005. Here we can see Budweiser’s famous Clydesdale Horses getting into a bit of mischief on a cold winters day.

Heineken – Snow Cooler

~Another brilliant Christmas commercial from Heineken. Here we see a very innovative way to clear your drive way and also keep those beers nice and cool.

Stella Artois – Ice Sculpting

~Heineken and Budweiser truly are the leaders in creative and humorous advertising, however in 2010 Stella Artois joined in on the act. Take a look at their rather creative ‘Ice Sculpting’ effort.

Bud Light – Sleigh Ride

~This Bud Light commercial is possible the best of the bunch. Back in 2004 Bud Light first screened this ‘Romantic Sleigh Ride’ Christmas commercial which is still popular among web users today. This commercial was an instant viral success in America and beyond.

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