Traditional Irish pub hits the road

By James Mulhall – The Irish Post

An innovative Galway man has taken the traditional Irish pub to the roads – and you can get one for yourself. It started out as a hobby but now the Shebeen Irish pub has taken off for John Walsh. “It started out as a team building exercise,” John explains. “There was an old caravan I bought about two years ago and I came up with a design to turn it into a traditional Irish pub.” A company in Boston has placed an order for one of the brilliant designs and the aim is to get it shipped over in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Caravan converted into an Irish pub. And it’s awesome!

By The Daily Edge

HAVE YOU BEEN stuck in the middle of nowhere with a fierce yearning for a pint of Guinness and a bit of craic? Well, your prayers have been answered. Enter The Shebeen – a humble caravan put through a Cinderalla-like transformation to become a traditional Irish pub on wheels. While it’s not the first time someone has tried their hand at a mobile pub, this one comes complete with wooden floors, faux-brick walls and enough memorabilia to put most Irish snugs to shame.

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Shebeen: Your very own caravan bar

by Jo Subramaniam – Caravan Times

Pint on wheels caravan takes Irish pubs onto the road. For those of you who are wondering where that catchy name comes from, Shebeen is taken from the Gaelic word síbín, which refers to a small mug measure of ale in Ireland in the 18th century. Alcohol was often sold in secret bars in Ireland to avoid English taxes, but Shebeen is far from a secret now. John has already received design orders from the US, where a Boston based company has requested plans in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

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This Irish pub is ready for road: The Shebeen is heading Stateside

By Claire Healy – Irish Mirror

If you’ve ever been hit with the pang for a pint and are miles away from your local, you’ll be delighted to hear of The Shebeen. The brainchild of John Walsh, this is a 30-year-old caravan that has been transformed into a traditional Irish pub. Walsh bought the caravan for a jaunt to Electric Picnic, and when he couldn’t sell it on afterwards, he decided to use it as part of a team-building exercise for his staff at Clinical Cabinets. But what started as a fun exercise quickly became something much bigger than John could have ever imagined.

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Galway man turns old caravan into pub of dreams!

By Denise Mc Namara – Connacht Tribune

Shebeen when translated means ‘a drinking place’ and comes from the Gaelic word síbín, which was a small mug measure of ale in Ireland in the 18th century. The word conjures up images of dark secret bars where alcohol was sold to thwart attempts by the English to regulate and tax it, much to the disdain of the unruly Irish. While you may have had to travel down many boreens to the wildest locations to get to the Irish version of a speakeasy, that looks all set to change thanks to an enterprising Clarenbridge man.

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The Shebeen for your shindig?