Shebeen is First Drive-then-Drink Irish Pub

By Jack Brick – PSFK

The Shebeen pub is a renovated, 30-year-old caravan RV with an Irish pub inside that feels as authentic as possible considering the mobile circumstances. The team at Shebeen worked for four months to renovate the caravan’s interior with taps, bar and handcrafted Irish oak floors to give the place as “pubby” a feel as possible. Walking inside feels like walking into old Ireland, down to the (albeit electric) stove heater at the center of the room.

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Bar-avan ‘The Shebeen’ is heading to America

By Rachel O Brien – Irish Pubs Global

We are delighted to announce that The Shebeen will be joining us at The Irish Pubs Global Gathering event that is taking place from the 26th to the 28th of February 2015. The Shebeen will be present at our exhibition in the Convention Centre in Dublin. This Unique venture is available to rent or buy and is a great way to bring the Irish traditional pub to you. It is a perfect addition to any corporate or private events such as weddings, parties, promotional events or any event of your choosing.

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Traditional Irish pub hits the road

By James Mulhall – The Irish Post

An innovative Galway man has taken the traditional Irish pub to the roads – and you can get one for yourself. It started out as a hobby but now the Shebeen Irish pub has taken off for John Walsh. “It started out as a team building exercise,” John explains. “There was an old caravan I bought about two years ago and I came up with a design to turn it into a traditional Irish pub.” A company in Boston has placed an order for one of the brilliant designs and the aim is to get it shipped over in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

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The Shebeen for your shindig?