7 of The Best Mobile Bars From Around The World

7. The Hive – USA

The Hive is a full-service travelling aluminum bar which is 31 feet long. The interior is lined with refurnished cedar slats. A 12-foot wrap-around bar is located at one end, with stools, and a cosy cushioned seating area located at the other. An exterior bar window was also cut out on the side.

They provide services for weddings, promotional events, trade shows, holiday or birthday parties and community events.


6. Ipswich Ale Brewery – USA

These mobile units are from a brewery in coastal Massachusetts. They have a fleet of four converted vehicles each having three to eight built-in taps. The fleet includes the following ‘Tapmobiles’

‘The Shag – 8 Taps’ which is a 1948 Dodge Route Van, there was only 39 of these models ever made so it is a rarity.

‘The Thing ~ 8 Taps’ is a 1965 Grumman Kurbside. In 1991, it became an Ipswich Ale delivery truck and remained that way until it was retired in 2002. It was later converted into their first 8 tap Tapmobile.

‘The Big Red ~ 3 Taps’ is a 1951 Ford F-1. The engine is a Ford 351 Windsor and was converted into a 3 tap Tapmobile in 2007.

‘The Wallace ~ 4 Taps’ is 1951 Ford F-1 panel truck which was formerly an emergency management vehicle and is the newest member of their fleet’.

You can pick from a variety of their award-winning beers from the Ipswich Brewery or indeed old- fashioned soda pops. These vehicles can be rented out for weddings, birthdays and corporate functions.


5. Union Wine Co – USA

Oregon’s Union Wine Co. is on a mission to make wine less intimidating. The company has a “pinkies down” strategy when it comes to wine and they even serve wine in a can.

Recently they have renovated a 1972 Citroen H-van which is available to hire for both corporate and private events around Oregan.

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4. Steam Whistle Brewery – Canada

This is a brewing company from Canada with a difference. Not only do they make high quality and extremely popular beer they also have a fleet of vintage cars that they have renovated to become part of their brewery. They have altogether 10 mobile bars / vehicles.

These vehicles can now be spotted around the Greater Toronto area delivering fresh kegs and cases of beer to private house parties.


3. Art Bars – The Bar & Cocktail Emporium – England

This Bar & Cocktail Emporium from Sussex, England is a converted 1965 Morris Ambulance and is available either with, or without the installation above the vehicle. Out of all the mobile bars detailed in this blog this really is the strangest.

The Cockatoo installation on the top of their mobile bar is a giant, revolving, copper birdcage stage. At night, there is a mirror ball inside the cage that creates a dazzling light show around the bar. The cage can also be used as a DJ box.

This company can provide fire artists, contortionists, ballerinas, musicians and dancers. It is available for all types of private and corporate events.


2. Gin & Bear It – England

If you are a gin drinker then this is the mobile bar for you. This is a Brighton based ‘pop up’ Gin Bar serving the finest gins both branded and home infused from the rear of their stunning, classic Morris Minor, Aubrey. As mobile bars go this really is unique and quirky.

With gin optics hanging from the old style luggage on the roof and the quaint front bar this mobile bar really adds an alternative feel to an event. This is available to hire for weddings, private parties, birthdays and corporate events.

Gin & Bear It

1. The Shebeen – Ireland

The Shebeen is a traditional Irish pub with one slight difference… it is on wheels. No matter where in Ireland you are The Shebeen can come to you.

The exterior of The Shebeen is designed to resemble a traditional Irish cottage while the interior is like you have stepped back in time to a traditional Irish bar. It is complete with old Irish memorabilia adorning the walls, stove heater, old cash register, running water, music system, power supply and of course two fully functional beer taps.

The Shebeen can be rented for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, Christmas parties or trade shows. Take a look at some testimonials from The Shebeen’s previous customers. Also check out some great videos of our Shebeen at different events throughout Ireland


Ok we may be biased here with our selection but it’s our top 7 so we can pick whoever we want! We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog post and please feel free to share via the icons below.

The Shebeen for your shindig?